It all began when I gave birth to my son in 2005.

He was lactose intolerant, had skin diseases and an ongoing ear infection that supposed to require a surgery to remove a polyp growth inside his ear. Like any parent who wants their children to be strong and healthy, I started studying about his health conditions and its causes.

I looked at water filtration, I got more selective with my groceries and we rarely ate out and when we do, it must be healthy.

I was turning into a health freak and I really became one in 2008; that was when my mum died of health complications (God bless her). From that point on, health became my #1 priority.

But then things got worse…

When we moved to Singapore in 2009, my entire family had health issues!

My husband had high blood pressure, my daughter had digestive problems, and I had irritable bowel syndrome.

I didn’t know why we were in such a bad state of health. I felt completely helpless!

We went back home to Australia, and by that time we were quite desperate for solutions. One day, I learned about the importance of cookware, the different cooking surface and the dangerous ones to avoid.

Here’s what I’ve found out...





Dr. James Meschino, Director of Nutritional Therapy at the Cancer Immunotherapy Center and the author of “The Meschino Optimal Living Program - 8 Steps to a Healthy, Fit, Age-Resistant Body”, said:


“Health-conscious people go to great lengths to eat only organic food, with no preservatives… but the cookware you use to cook your food is also very important because certain cookware can leach dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that can accumulate in the body...This has been proven.


And some of these chemicals are more dangerous than any man-made preservatives or artificial substances. So you really want to try to avoid or minimise your use of dangerous cookware, then use the safest cookware that’s available.”


There are hundreds of articles online about cookware, but what I’ve learnt is:
Cheap, low-grade cookware can leach harmful, poisonous metal into your food and non-stick cookware can release harmful fumes!

When my son told me that the meat I cooked tasted like metal, he confirmed my suspicions -  so I threw away all of my cheap cookware immediately.

I then found out a material called 316Ti Titanium Stainless Steel that is non-reactive and highly resistant to corrosion and pitting. I also learnt that the addition of Titanium makes this 316Ti extremely tolerant to high temperatures thus creating the best possible cooking surface available.


Within a year of using this hybrid cookware, my family’s health drastically improved! In fact, all of our health problems disappeared!

We were at our healthiest state ever, and I honestly believe it was due to the change of cookware.

My husband’s blood pressure lowered, my daughter had no more digestive problems, and my son ear surgery was no longer needed.

The best part? Seeing my family extremely healthy and happy!

Now, I’m not saying that the cookware was the direct cause of my family’s health transformation, but I personally believe it was one of the main reasons.

In fact, we believe it so much that we started our own cookware called Nutricraft - your Safest Premium cookware brand!


Ever since our family’s health transformation, my husband and I started asking; “What if there are other families who are experiencing the same problems? Do they know that their cookware could be affecting their health?”

We thought that if it happened to us, it could happen to others - so we put it on ourselves to educate as many families as possible.
The other reason why we started our own cookware is that we also wanted to make Nutricraft a household brand for the health-conscious families ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!
We managed to create a high quality cookware at a Factory-Direct price!
There may be other cookware companies out there which uses 316Ti but Nutricraft costs less & is far superior in quality and performance!
Nutricraft is not your ordinary pots and pans. Its unique features and construction makes it the safest and smartest cookware!
Not only do we provide a hypoallergenic and a non-reactive cooking surface, the minimum moisture method of cooking can retain up to 98% of the natural nutrients from the food according to Paul R. McCann, Author of The Science of Nutrition.


The dangers of using low-quality cookware are real.

If you keep using them, your body is going to accumulate all those nasty chemicals and heavy metals.

And if you’re the family’s cook, you might be feeding your family and your kids with nasty chemicals. You might be ok now, but what about a few years later?

If health is important to you, then I highly recommend you change your cookware to Nutricraft cookware.

Thank you so much for reading my story.

Judith Viado, Co-founder of Nutricraft®


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