10 1/2
10 1/2" Saute / Fry Pan, Titanium Stainless Steel (316Ti), Made in the U.S.A. | Nutricraft
Perfect for frying, browning or sautéing, the curved sides on this pan allow you to toss and flip foods with ease while its titanium-reinforced construction provides excellent heat transfer and even cooking results.   ✔️ NON-CHEMICALLY REACTIVE SURFACE THAT WILL NOT LEACH METALS OR CHEMICALS INTO YOUR FOOD   ✔️ The interior is made from the finest 316 Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium, a non-chemically reactive surface that will not leach metals or chemicals into your food. Made in the USA with a 50-year limited warranty.
11" Pure Titanium Ply Black Series Skillet (28cm x 6cm)
This 11" Pure Titanium Black Series Skillet is crafted from 100% premium titanium, ensuring a durable, non-toxic cooking experience. Its 28cm x 6cm size is ideal for meals,s large or small. Make mealtime worry-free and hassle-free with this carefully-designed, professional-quality skillet. The Nutricraft Pure Titanium Ply Skillet is perfect for a safe and healthy cooking experience. This skillet is non-toxic and does not leach toxic chemicals into your food. It is also scratch resistant, so you don't have to worry about it being damaged easily. And if that isn't enough, it comes with a lifetime warranty!This skillet is made of pure titanium, which makes it stronger and lighter than other skillets on the market. As a result, the more you use it, the less sticky it becomes. And it's easy to clean - wipe it down with a damp cloth when you're done cooking.The Nutricraft Pure Titanium Ply Skillet is also antibacterial, so you can be sure your food will be safe. It's an excellent choice for a healthy, easy-to-use skillet that will last forever. Pre-order yours today.