5/7/11 Plates Platinum Coating Japan Acqua Kangen Alkaline Kangen $1,799.00
Products Description Model No: AL-808D Electrolyzing power: 5-200W Power Supply(SMPS) AC220V,50Hz or 110V, 50-60Hz Heating power: 2000W±10% Input water pressure: 0.1-0.3MPa Working water TDS range 50-1000 MG/L Working flow rate range: 5-200W Plates material: Titanium with platinum coating Continuous strong electrolyzing ability: 60 mins Plate size: 80*50 mm Electrode life 6000-8000 Hours Number of plates: 5/7/11 Plates The highest water temperature for continuous working 6000-8000 Hours pH value: 3.5-10.5 Gross Weight: 6.5 kg Product Size 330*245*130 mm Packing Size: 57*46*24 cm ORP value: +500 to -800mv Ionizer Specifications Counter Top Installation 1 Year Warranty 5 /7 /11 Flat Titanium with Platinum coating Plates Up to 249 Watts | SMPS 3.5-10.5 pH Range Advanced Self-Cleaning Dimensions | 33*24.5*13 CM with activated carbon filter Up to -800mv ORP | Anti-Oxidant Potential OEM/ODM 110v-240v International Voltage