Reasons Behind Weight Gain During Holiday Season

Reasons Behind Weight Gain During Holiday Season

The holiday season has been known for its festivity and vibrancy. Serving food in formal and informal gatherings is one of the traditions that we never missed. Having a banquet and feast is usually seen as a huge factor in gaining weight during the holiday season.

Most of us would think people gain more than 5 pounds between that first bites of Thanksgiving stuffing to the greasy egg breakfast on New Year’s Day But, do not fret over extra calories because the good news is that you can control this to happen. Start with understanding the facts behind the holiday weight gain.

If you gain weight over the holidays, it’ll probably just be a pound or two. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study of adults showing that the average holiday weight gain was .37 kilograms, or just under a pound, and more than half the people in the study stayed within a kilogram, or just over two pounds, of their other weigh-ins.

So you may feel heavier, but by going back to your normal healthy eating (lots of water-filled veggies and fruits, drinking lots of water, and judicious choices that don’t involve crumbled candy canes sprinkled on top) that water weight will go away again.

You’re highly unlikely to break even by exercising more during the holidays. There’s also the risk that thinking of that you “deserve” another wedge of pecan pie (502 calories) because you power walked that morning (around 180 calories burned in a half-hour).

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