Proper Nutrition for Students

Proper Nutrition for Students

We were once a student who liked to eat while studying. Our teachers and parents would even recommend some ‘brain food’ to get by busy schedule at school and university.


Though we find ourselves sitting at the study rabble for hours, our energy tends to deplete as we read more books, review past lessons, and prepare urgent assignments. 

Regardless of age, anyone becomes prone to study fatigue. It is a common syndrome of tiredness, pressure, and stress when studying hard. 

One of the quick solutions is to replenish our minds and body with food such as snacks, sandwiches, sodas, and pizza. This type of food is quite popular among the youngsters because it is readily available on campus. 

Poor eating habits like this could lead to malnutrition, diseases, and illnesses that may cause long-term damage to our mental and physical health. To ensure proper nutrition in every meal, Nutricraft features a list of highly recommended food in consultation with nutritionists and dieticians. 

For students belonging to the age group between 19 - 30 years old, the average adult consumption is approximately 2,000 calories. Women could have 3 to 5 servings while men could have 4 to 8 servings of grains like rice, bread, and pasta.

For instance, 5 cups of brown rice, 5 cups of oatmeal, 3 cups of popcorn, 1 cup of wheat cereal flakes, 1 slice of wheat bread, and 5 wheat crackers.


At Nutricraft, we encourage the preparation of homemade meals and bring them wherever you will be. Having a pre-packed meal in your bags can improve your eating habits. In this way, you can make sure of the right amount of food consumption. You can bring 1 piece of apple orange more banana if you cannot prepare a full meal.


In the event, you are in a rush, here’s what you can order at the campus canteen or restaurant: 

  1. Fresh salad with proteins like chicken 
  2. Sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes 
  3. Light-sauced pasta like pesto and agile 
  4. Fruit smoothies without additives 
  5. Multigrain snacks or crackers


Most importantly, you must plan your meals ahead of time so you can check a well-balanced diet. To help you prepare food efficiently, Nutricraft has a basic cookware set that can make your cooking safe, smart, and healthy. Our Titanium cookware protects you from the dangers of food poisoning, nutrient loss, and overcooking. 

We have useful resources available on YouTube Channel and other social media platforms. Learn more about Healthy Guides of Nutricraft for more interesting discoveries and practical tips. 


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