How to Cook Healthy Gravy?

How to Cook Healthy Gravy?

Gravy has been a popular condiment intended to make a savoury addition to your favourite dishes such as fried chicken, grilled steak, and roasted meat. But, it is also known to have a lot of unhealthy fats.


The standard homemade gravy containing flour and white wine will have about 7.8g for each half-cup serving without the mashed potatoes. Commercial gravy sold in fast food and restaurants might have an even higher amount of carbs.


Gravy is commonly described as a type of sauce. Meat juices are combined with broth or milk and thickened with starch to make a gravy thicker. Other types of sauce do not have meat-based ingredients. There are different styles in cooking grave and would require personal preference of ingredients.


Traditional gravy recipes include the addition of butter making caloric content higher and tend to have more fats. There are ways to reduce fats in gravy. You can limit the number of fats and sodium. Alternatively, you can make your own gravy from scratch. Another way to prevent gravy from making overly greasy, replace fat ingredients with healthy fats.


Here are the healthy substitutes in making a gravy:

  1. Unsalted butter
  2. Iodized salt
  3. Vegetable broth
  4. Herbs and spices


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