Health Benefits of Food Steaming

Health Benefits of Food Steaming

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From the word itself, the cooking method relies on the moist heat in a form of hot steam.  With the help of boiling water, it vaporizes into steam that is sealed during the entire process of cooking.

Steamed buns ad dimsums are popular dishes traditionally cooked in a wooden steamer.  Some chicken, fish, and veggie recipes can be steamed in a modern way.

If you are conscious of calorie count, here are the reasons why you should try food steaming:

  1. It lowers your cholesterol level by reducing the fat content when steaming.
  2. It retains the fibre, nutrients, and flavours of vegetables without the need of soaking it into boiling water.
  3. It seals the nutrients of the fresh ingredients while steaming especially  vitamin B and C

The good thing about steaming is that everybody can do it following these simple steps.  You do not need a steamer in this cooking style.  However, you must use the ideal cookware for this steaming method. 

Aside from the superior quality of Nutricraft, it has 3-in1 kitchen assistant features for better control of temperature and heat.  Also, you can secure it perfectly without spills.  The whistle function lets you know it has reached the maximum cooking temperature.  Watch an instructional video here.

  1. Use any cookware piece of Nutricraft.
  2. Pour water into the pan just enough to fill half the size of the bowl.
  3. Place a heavy-resistant bowl inside the cookware.
  4. Arrange the ingredients inside the bowl
  5. Cover the bowl with am aluminium foil.
  6. Secure the cover.
  7. Cook for 30 minutes depending on the number of ingredients.

To learn more about the kitchen wonder, visit Valentine Deluxe Cookware.

Here is your chance to invest in your health at a very affordable price.
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