Nutricraft at the Fiesta Kultura - 6th October 2019

Nutricraft at the Fiesta Kultura - 6th October 2019

Nutricraft at the Fiesta Kultura
Visit us at Booth D15
Sunday, 6th October 2019
Time: 9am to 5pm
Venue: Fairfield Showground
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Join the Largest Filipino Community Gathering in the southern Hemisphere on Sunday 6th October at Fairfield Showground.  Find out about our state-of-the-art cooking system, Nutricraft, which allows you to cook with no oil, no salt, no sugar and no water, retaining up to 98% of the nutrients in your food. Nutricraft is the safest and smartest cookware, giving you peace of mind for your family.

Visit our stand D15 to win a Nutricraft Food Cutter!

For your ticket email us at


Nutricraft is SAVE THE CHILDREN Supporter. For every cookware you buy from us, you help make a difference to the the lives of millions of children every year. 

Nutricraft Save the Children Support

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