Family health concerns the catalyst for global start-up
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Family health concerns the catalyst for global start-up

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IT was her family’s experience with health problems that encouraged Judith Viado to invest in toxic-free cookware.

As co-founder of Western Sydney based Nutricraft, which sells premium non-toxic cookware, Judith could not believe how conventional cookware was literally poisoning people.

It was the skin condition and lactose intolerance that her 14-year old son had since birth and the more recent heart scare of her husband that spurred Judith on to investigate a healthier way of cooking.

Concern over her family’s health came to a head 10 years ago when Judith and her husband, then living in Singapore, visited a friend for their wedding in Australia.

Her husband’s blood pressure skyrocketed, leading to a heart check-up. While he has recovered, Judith was shaken about the health of her family.

“I had literally tried everything to help my family's health and things seemed to be getting worse,” Judith said.

“It wasn't until six years ago that we were introduced to the importance of cookware and how not having the right cookware can lead to toxins literally leaking into the food that we eat.

I was shocked, and I couldn't believe that this kind of thing could happen in our society and the presentation answered many of my questions about the problems that my family had been facing. I decided to change all our cookware and within just one year, all of the health problems my family had been facing had disappeared.”

Judith and her husband started wondering if there were other families experiencing the same problems.


Mission to educate

“Do they know that their cookware could be affecting their health?” Judith and her husband asked.

“We thought that if it helped us, it could help others too - so we made it a mission to educate as many Aussie families as possible.

"What I discovered is that there are other families out there possibly poisoning their families because they are simply not aware of this issue, they may be struggling in the dark as I was about why they are facing these health problems, not knowing  the solution for it.”

Judith and her husband started an Australian owned premium non-toxic cookware brand, Nutricraft, that protects the integrity of the food nutrients to ensure meals are healthy, nutritious and non-toxic.

“Nutricraft provides hope for those suffering already and prevention of diet-related diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and digestive problems,” Judith said.

“My entire family go out to teach and show people how to prepare meals and cook food in a very healthy way - no oil, no salt, no sugar, no artificial seasoning, no contamination just in its pure form and natural flavour of ingredients with maximum nutritional value,” she added.

Nutricraft cookware is made from the finest American titanium steel honed by generations of skilled cookware makers, brought to the Australian market by Judith and her husband.

“We carry an extensive product line of greaseless and waterless cookware to promote health and nutrition to Australians and the rest of the world,” Judith said.


Nutricraft is SAVE THE CHILDREN Supporter. For every cookware you buy from us, you help make a difference to the the lives of millions of children every year. 

Nutricraft Save the Children Support

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