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2019 Altitude Awards - The Changemaker Award - Our 2019 Finalists

Today, as I prepare for my family's breakfast, their uniforms and brush my daughter's hair I cannot help but overwhelmed with joy, happiness and peace. From a poor young girl from the province to one of the finalist and be part of an amazing cause make me speechless.

How I even be where I am now? A lot to thank for and forever grateful of meeting amazing people. My business advisor Fitzpatrick connected me to the 2 lovely ladies Dra Theresa Teo and Noela McIntosh and consequently met a very strong leader and amazing woman Andrea Turner-Boys. My friend Viola Tam who brought Robyn Atkins to my house to one of my Dinner Presentations. It is indeed an amazing journey for my passion to provide a premium non-toxic cookware and to educate others about metal toxicity and proper nutrition.

Tonight, it became possible for us to attend to Altitude Awards Cocktail party with the help of our friends Nanette Dela Cruz Lacson and husband Rolando Lacson as they take good care of my kids. Thank you so much and appreciative of your kindness.

Surrounded with amazing people is so much grateful and blessed.

We truly believe we are in the right journey of starting Nutricraft, your very own Australian PREMIUM NON-TOXIC cookware brand. Nutricraft saves you time, money, energy and possibly your family's health and life. To find out more about us please visit https://nutricraftcookware.com

Win or lose at the Grand Finals, my family already won just being one of the finalists of Altitude Awards 2019.


2019 Finalist - The Changemaker Category

Honor Date: June 2019; Honor Issuer: Women with Altitude 

Honor Description: The Change Maker
This is an award for a groundbreaker business, a smasher of boundaries. It looks to recognise a person challenging the status quo and making exciting changes in his/her industry, business or for his/her cause.

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