Prevent Food Poisoning at Home

Everyone is susceptible to food poisoning because of our regular habits of food consumption.  Our eating habits and routines can nourish our wellness but can also be risky when unaware of the causes of food poisoning.

Food poisoning is mainly caused by eating contaminated food.  Though it may sound treatable, we have to look into food safety to ensure the lifelong benefits of nutrition and health.

You can prevent food poisoning by:

  1. Keep your hands thoroughly cleaned before and after cooking and eating.
  2. Cleaning the dishes and utensils properly.
  3. Using the right temperature in food storage and preparation.
  4. Cooking using non-toxic cookware.
  5. Checking the expiry date of store-bought goods.
  6. Looking for signs of contamination like smelly odour and black spots.
  7. Maintaining a sanitized, disinfected kitchen area,

Nutricraft has been known for its non-toxic cookware products.  Each cookware piece is built with Titanium Stainless Steel that prevents food poisoning.  The safe cookware materials used in the interiors and exteriors of Nutricraft Cookware provide health benefits to the entire family.

Aside from toxin-free cooking, Nutricraft Cookware can preserve the nutrients, enhance the flavours, and improve the textures of food.  Time, money, and effort are not wasted  when you know what you are eating is clean, nutritious, and safe.  

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