Before using your cookware for the first time, wash each piece in hot, soapy water. Use a sponge or dishcloth to remove any manufacturing oils. Rinse with hot water. Dry promptly to prevent water spots. Alternatively, you may run your cookware through a dishwasher cycle.

To maintain the attractive appearance and cooking efficiency, it is important to clean thoroughly after each use. Food films left on the cooking surface will cause discoloration when the cookware is reheated.

To clean, let completely cool. Extreme temperature changes may cause metal to warp. (Your cookware will not warp unless carelessly subjected to unnecessary abuse. Avoid the use of excessively high heat and do not pour cold water into a hot unit.) Wash cookware in hot soapy water, using a sponge, dishcloth, nylon net or plastic pad. Do not use a metal scouring pad or harsh scouring powder on the polished stainless steel finish. Rinse thoroughly with clean, hot water. Dry promptly to prevent water spots. Your cookware may be safely washed in an automatic dishwater, although continued dishwasher use may dull the handles and knobs due to the harshness of dishwashing detergents.

Golden brown or blue heat tints may result from persistent overheating or as a result of the natural minerals in your food. Sulphur-dried fruits should be cooked with the cover off to prevent staining. If staining does occur, removing it is simple. Make a paste with water and a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner, such as Nutricraft Stainless Steel Cleanser. Apply powder with a cloth or sponge, rubbing lightly in a circular motion. Wash again, rinse, and then dry promptly. Do not use oven cleaner on your Nutricraft Cookware.

Small scratches and marks will result from normal, everyday use and are not damaging to your cookware. To minimize wear, avoid hitting metal kitchen tools against the rim of your cookware, and do not cut or chop food on the stainless steel surface with a knife or other sharp-edged tool. Careless stacking can also cause unnecessary marring of the stainless steel finish.

Let the unit cool. Partially fill with warm water and bring to a boil over medium heat until food particles loosen. Allow to cool again. (Extreme temperature changes can cause metal to warp. Avoid the use of excessively high heat and do not pour cold water into a hot unit.) Wash and dry as usual.

If you notice excessive steam and spattering while cooking or if a water seal will not form, then either your heat is too high or there is too much food or liquid in the pan. Remember medium to low heat is all you need. Use appropriate sized cookware, and add liquid only as stated in cooking instructions.

Yes!! Nutricraft Cookware is induction ready and performs beautifully on any heat source because of our specially designed construction. A rule of thumb – if a magnet will stick to the cookware, you are good to go with induction cooking.

Nutricraft is similar to any waterless cookware with a 316Ti cooking surface. All the cooking styles which you have seen during their 'dinner party' can also be done on Nutricraft cookware - no water and no oil. The food cooked with Nutricraft cookware if not better, taste just the same, however, the similarities ends there. Nutricraft is the only brand with titanium stabilised steel on both interior and exterior of the cookware (this is our latest innovation); Nutricraft's 3-in-1 kitchen assistant is more versatile than a passive flap valve; Nutricraft is a direct-to-customer brand (different to direct selling) and not focused on building downlines to market the products so we can offer better pricing and flexibility to the customers.

Contrary to popular belief, 316Ti stainless steel is not a proprietary metal. This AISI numbering system refers to a stainless steel alloy with specific amounts of chromium, nickle, molybdenum and titanium. This metal is widely available and used not only in cookware but for any products and devices which requires corrosion-resistant materials. Nutricraft uses the highest quality 316Ti stainless steel from the USA.

Though titanium is strong, lightweight and able to withstand high heat, they tend to develop hot spots, making them less than ideal for cooking real meals. Ideal cookware must have two properties 1) it is chemically unreactive and, 2) conducts heat evenly. Nutricraft is made from different layers of metals bonded together to form cookware that is non-reactive and distributes heat evenly and efficiently making it an ideal kitchen utensil.

The handle is not removable because you don't have to! Although fixed, it is user-replaceable. The Handle is held by a screw which users can undo when replacement is necessary. Nutricraft's handle is slimmer and only about 2.0cm longer compared to Saladmaster even without its handle. This difference in length will not make storage convenient nor give significant space in your cupboards. Also, all of our handles are oven safe withstanding up to 350 degrees so there's really no need to remove them. Nutricraft cookware is for busy people who don't have time to look for missing handles or swapping it from one utensil to another.

Nutricraft's Accu-tone whistle is like no other. This feature is unique to us and sets us apart from the competition. The whistle will indicate that your vegetables have reached their proper cooking temperature and so you won't overcook them. Unlike a passive flap valve which will stop 'clicking' under immense pressure, our Accu-tone whistle will continue to sound indicating that something requires attention. For the cooking method that does not require this feature such as boiling, just turn the 3-in-1 Kitchen Assistant to 'Vent' setting to turn off the whistle. Click the following video to watch our 3-in-1 Kitchen Assistant in action.

All of the metals used in our cookware are processed and milled in the USA and have passed strict US standards. Technically, 316Ti is a mix of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and titanium reason why it is called an alloy. There's no such thing as pure 316Ti so challenge them next time about their product.

Cookware brands normally sold through door-to-door cooking demonstrations or 'dinner parties' have a huge sales force, usually with several levels of the distribution chain. Each of those levels has a profit share or commission either from an individual or group sales. To sustain the commissions for all its sales team members, the prices of the products are inflated than what it's worth and it's passed on to the consumers. Nutricraft is a direct-to-customer brand (different to direct selling) meaning we have bypassed the middleman to make our prices more appealing to many consumers. Despite the price difference with other brands, you are paying for a better quality product.

Absolutely! Consult your local dealership for current promotions and bonuses with every purchase.

In Australia, we offer a trial so you can see, feel and cook with Nutricraft cookware before even deciding to purchase. Although 'the dinner party' is not our main means to sell in Australia, we can offer a product demo when requested. We also have an affiliate program for those who want to refer us to friends and families. If you are outside Australia, please contact your local dealership for a product demo and exciting promotions.

Overheating or allowing the cookware to boil dry can cause yellow, brown, dark purple, blue or rainbow tints on the stainless steel surface. These tints although harmless, can make the pan less appealing. To remove this discolouration, use our Nutricraft Stainless Steel Cleanser with a wet non-abrasive cleaning pad. Wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry. The discolouration is not covered under your product warranty and does not affect the performance of the cookware.

A lifetime warranty is usually a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original buyer. It means that the warranty remains until the original buyer passed away on natural cause or accident. Nutricraft cookware is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship on the cookware itself for a total of 50 years. The original buyer can also transfer the warranty once to their loved ones for the remaining years. Nutricraft is a true heirloom product that your next generation can enjoy.

Absolutely! We give customers the ability to create their own set that suits them, custom pricing applies. Consult your local dealership for details.

The Nutrient content is often altered during cooking. Depending on the cooking method, the loss of vitamins and minerals varies when food is boiled, steamed or fried. Nutricraft's state-of-the-art kitchen assistant maximises the retention of nutrients by indicating when to turn off or lower the setting of the stove so you don't overcook them. Our precision vapour seal creates a vacuum, locking in moisture and flavour. Our 316Ti cooking surface is hard-wearing, hypoallergenic and doesn't leach harmful metals into the food. There's no coating that can be scratched or flaked which can be ingested into the body or expose the aluminium layer of the pan. Our uni-body design is the same ply throughout the cookware so heat is distributed evenly and efficiently eliminating hot spots and cuts the cooking time, it's perfect for busy people. Nutricraft cookware can also be used for baking so you don't need a conventional oven, saving energy and money. Nutricraft cookware is compatible with any heat source including an induction cooktop.

Yes. With Nutricraft cookware, you can cook vegetables without water to maximise the retention of essential vitamins and minerals. Our low heat cooking also maximises the natural flavour of the food thereby eliminating the need for butter, salts and another seasoning. Cooking vegetables without water is a healthier option.

Nutricraft's interior surface is made from titanium stabilised 316 stainless steel (also 316Ti) while our exterior is made from titanium stabilised ferritic stainless steel - Type 439, making Nutricraft the only true titanium stainless steel cookware in the market! All of our metals are processed and milled in the USA and complies with strict US standards.

Our 'Try Before You Buy' program is our way to introduce our products so people can see and feel the quality or even cook with it to experience first-hand how Nutricraft can help them change their health or lifestyle. There are no strings attached nor obligation when you try. And your decision to purchase is not influenced or was forced to do so. There's no pushy sales consultant or cooking demo to attend. No need to hassle family members or friends to attend a 'dinner party. Try our cookware in the comfort of your home at your own time. Click this link for our 'Try Before You Buy' program.

316Ti is a titanium stabilised version of Type 316 stainless steel which is 20x more resistant to corrosion and pitting than Type 304 stainless steel. The use of 316Ti titanium stainless steel on cookware makes it non-reactive so your food tastes the same and is not leached with metal.