How to Cook Green Leafy Vegetables?

How to Cook Green Leafy Vegetables?

Some recipes may need to incorporate green leafy vegetables in cooking. Though it may look easy to cook green leafy vegetables, there are factors to consider to retain their quality.

One way to reduce bitterness and overcooking the leaves and stems is to control the heat whether you are blanching, braising, or sauteing. If cooked properly, greens provide balance and flavour to any dish but there is a greater chance of losing nutrients quickly.

Green leafy vegetables can be classified according to the intensity of colour or how greenish it looks. Dark leafy greens are one of its types becoming a popular choice like kale and spinach. Lettuce and cabbage are good examples of light greens.

If you want to eat a plate of plain greens, you can cook it in a pot of boiling salted water for about 4 minutes. Use a colander to drain excess water, then rinse quickly with cold water to stop the heat from cooking. Drain thoroughly by gently tapping the excess water.

Some greens need extra time for cooking to soften the ribs and leaves. Lower the heat to control the cooking process.

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To lessen the natural bitterness of some greens, you can blanch it as usual. No need to add seasoning because it might react with the natural flavours of the greens.

For stir fry. add greens at the last part of cooking or when the footprints. The premium quality of Titanium Cookware makes a huge difference because of toxin-free cooking. You will enjoy eating more greens as the colours and flavours are enhanced in the cooking process.

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