"Change Your Own Life... Dream Big, Act Big!" by Judith Viado

I am a result driven person and a migrant from the Philippines since 1995, hoping for a better future in Australia. When I first migrated to Australia, it was a challenge to get employment despite having a Bachelor degree. To gain local knowledge and experience, I worked as a carer and washed dishes at a restaurant and volunteered at nursing homes and National Blinds Citizen of Australia. I also sat for the Public Service test which helped me enter Queensland Police Service as an Administration Officer.

Toiling day and night, I worked hard in the day job while studying part time to improve my communication skills. My life finally stabilised after I was offered a permanent job at the Strata Management Industry where I worked for 14 years. Also, I became a Qualified Real Estate Licencee and Trust Accountant. This opened up an array of opportunities for me.

Being the eldest of 10 siblings where my mom is a housewife and my father is a farmer and driver, I have to support not only myself in Australia but my family in Philippines. In 2008, my mom passed away . My dad and I raised my siblings together. We managed to send every single one of them to finish a good education from technical, diploma to a bachelor degree. To date most of my siblings have jobs and good education. I may not be rich but I have given a solid foundation for my siblings to fly their wings even without me now.

My husband and I have been together for 18 years, surviving a long distance relationship. With trust, love and respect, in 2009, we finally live under one roof as a family and in one country! We lived in Singapore back then. During that time, working full time while raising my 2 kids by myself was indeed tough - cooking for the family while carrying my daughter on my chest with my son playing nearby. At times, I would be pushing the stroller, chasing after the buses and trains as I was not driving then. 

Currently, I am happily married with my 13 year-old son and 9 year-old daughter, working hard for their future. I am an accomplished  Financial Controller and E-commerce enterprenuer for over 4 years now.  Also, I hold a Master degree of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science major in Finance in one of the prestigious universities. I enjoy my full-time job  and manage my  on-line stores with global presence in US & Australia.

Recently, I joined  the local health & wellness industry with a simple goal of  changing peoples’ lives. During weekends, my family and I would teach & show people how to prepare meals and cook food in a very healthy way - no oil, no salt, no sugar, no artificial seasoning and natural flavour of ingredients with maximum nutritional value.  I strongly believe if healthy cooking has dramatically changed my family’s lifestyle, it will likewise be a huge impact to other people’s lives, if only they  know the  way to a healthier lifestyle. 

My mission in life:

I want to be that instrument that educates people how to eat and live well and be the change they want to see! I also want to show migrants and poor people that poverty is not the end of everything but just the beginning to bring out the best in us. I want to show people that long distance relationship could work and lead to a healthy and happy relationship. Life challenges only make us a better person. If we do not lose hope and dream big and act big, we could change our very OWN life!